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Xianzi Weight Loss Slimming Capsule

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      Product Details

      Xianzi Weight Loss Slimming Capsule:
      Tocopherol physiological functions of the Slimming Capsule Weight loss Capsule of human body is the most important is to promote reproductive. Can promote sex hormone secretion, the men's sperm motility and increase in the number; Women's estrogen concentration, improve fertility, and prevent miscarriage. Vitamin E deficiency appears testicular atrophy and degeneration of epithelial cells, gave birth abnormalities. Commonly used vitamin E in the clinical treatment of threatened abortion and habitual abortion. Will also help the prevention and treatment of male infertility, is the best Supplement for Weight Loss, is the best Slimming Supplement 
      Slimming Capsule Weight Loss Capsule product is the best Weight Loss, Slimming Supplements and the best botanical Slimming soft gel, also is the best selling diet, Slimming Capsule, Weight Loss Capsule in America, also known as tocopherol, this Slimming Capsule, Weight Loss Capsule having a biological Slimming, Weight Loss extract activity of α -tocopherol. A total of eight kinds: Diet α -T, diet β -T, diet γ -T anddu diet δ -T four tocopherol, α -TT, β -TT, γ -TT, δ -TT four fertility tocotrienol nature. Vitamin E (Vitamin E) is a fat-soluble vitamins, soluble in an organic solvent such as fats and ethanol, be your fat burner and your fat burners, can Slim quick, and Slimming Capsule Weight Loss Capsule insoluble in water, to heat, acid-stable, base-labile, is sensitive to oxygen, and not sensitive to heat, but frying vitamin E activity is significantly reduced. 
      Other Slimming and Weight Loss functions there, the protection of T lymphocytes protect red blood cells, anti-free radical oxidation, inhibit platelet aggregation thereby reducing myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction risk. Burns, frostbite, capillary bleeding, menopausal syndrome, beauty, etc. Have a good Slimming Weight Loss effect. Recently found that vitamin E inhibits lipid peroxidation reaction within the lens of the eye, so the expansion of peripheral blood vessels, improve blood circulation, it can keep your Weight Loss. 
      Specification: 300 mg× 2*10PCS
      The edible method: Once a day, every time a grain, before or after breakfast with lukewarm water.
      Expiration date: 24 months

      This product is unsuitable for the young children, pregnant women, women in lactation and high blood pressure, and major disease and weak; Cannot be taken with any other similar drugs.

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