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Ku gua pai you su slimming capsule

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      Product Details

      Ku gua pai you su takes the cryogenic extraction process of the bio-tech,extracts efficient bio-active ingredients from fresh bitter gourd bitter gourd leptin, refined plant extracts, plant cellulose,and a variety of valuable Chinese medicine.It is a green and safecolumns of the side effects of new food.
      About the theory of Bitter losing weight theory, the earliest in the motherland medicine by the cursive on there reads: "For decent thin light Kin, you can eat it regularly, to fertilizer, Wu Shi" modern medicine latest studies have shown that bitter melon contains efficient biological active ingredients-bitter gourd leptin in which there is containing fat decomposition factor (TCE) and fat phagocytic factor (SPG);Starting from conditioning the body's internal environment to improve the body's 24-hour energy consumption (24EE) and the Food and thermal effects (TEF), and basal metabolic rate (RMR), to accelerate fat adsorption _ swallowed _-dissolved lock fat globules, improve microcirculation,to inhibit macromolecular grease absorption. therefore not only to lose weight fast, but also potent inhibitors of rebound;It is the ideal diet food for obese people currently in Europe and America.The storm for bitter losing weight has caused;Bitter gourd the leptin was called "biological miracle weight loss.
      Main Ingredients: bitter gourd, plant extracts, plant cellulose and a variety of valuable Chinese medicine.
      Suitable crowd: adolescent obesity, stubborn obesity drug obesity, excess nutrients, obesity, big belly obese, thigh obesity, abdominal obesity.
      Unsuitable crowd: Not applicable for women in pregnancy and patients of cardiovascular disease and apoplexy.
      Specifications: 0.3g * 10 tablets * 4 small boxes / big box
      Edible method:
      1time/day, 1-2 capsules /time Take it before breakfast wutg warm water. 
      Executive Standard:Q/EGN004/019
      Storage: In airproof, cool and dry condition 
      Shelf life: 24 months 
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